The one minute one-take video news report: Netroots UK 2012 workshop training courseGrassroots video specialists will be organising a workshop at Netroots UK 2012 on planning, shooting and distributing video news reports from your mobile phone.

This practical workshop will have you making video reports straight away with the equipment you already have. Lack of experience is no problem. Commitment to make citizen media straight away is much more important. Using’s templates and your own cameraphone, the workshop will provide you with easily-acquired skills for reporting events and actions, and distributing them effectively. Continue reading

Netroots UK 2012 workshops listing

The workshop programme forms the core of Netroots UK, with a choice of sessions ranging from small practical tutorials through to large campaign strategy discussions.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in ideas and suggestions for workshop sessions, and volunteered to help present them. We’re nearly finished with the list now, with a last couple of sessions still being confimed and will be making any more updates to this page as we get them. Continue reading

Open space at #NetrootsUK

Last year, we had such a good response to our fringe workshops over the lunch break that we were able to open up all the sessions we’d had proposed for the day. We’re going to be taking a step further this time round, and extending that slot so we can make use of Open Space principles to let attendees set more of the day’s agenda.

We’ll be asking everyone in plenary to kick in ideas for discussions they’d like to see take place. The ideas get matched up with each other, and viable groupings start to emerge. Once we’ve worked out a bunch of sessions that reflect the interests of as many people as possible, we’ll send everyone off to grab a brown bag lunch and take it to join the group they want to take part in. Continue reading

Come for the activism, stay for the beer…

Networking drinks at Netroots North West

We’re very grateful to our sponsor, Blue State Digital, who have kindly agreed to put their money behind the bar after Netroots UK’s formal sessions close, so we can offer everyone a free drink to get the after-conference networking reception going.

The networking reception has been a key part of both the events we’ve run so far, as it’s where you get to make useful contacts with people you’ve seen in the sessions and plenaries, continue arguments, or hatch new plots, so it’s great we can host it again this time round. Continue reading