Who needs to know about Netroots UK?

Netroots UK on 8 January is fast approaching, and we want to have as wide a range of online progressives as possible attending on the day. So if you know of anyone who’d be good to have at the event, or anyone who might get a lot out of it, please let them know about it.

Be they bloggers, tweeters, social networkers, hardened geeks or relative n00bs, political people, environmental, community, union, policy, campaign, charity, whatever. Let’s get them all along, so we can spread the learning and make a more useful day for everyone!

You can help get the word out by: Continue reading

Online activism gets its day in UK

PRESS RELEASE: 18/11/2010 (For immediate release)

Netroots UK: A one day event to network and inspire progressive activists working on the web. Saturday 8 January, Congress House, Central London, WC1B 3LS.

Bloggers, tweeters and online campaigners from around the UK will be coming together face to face in London on Saturday 8 January for Netroots UK, a day of strategy, training and networking for grassroots activists.

The event comes as leading left wing bloggers look to be winning the popularity war with the more established right wing blogs*, and as pressure grows across the progressive movement in response to the government’s programme of harsh spending cuts. Continue reading

Netroots (inter)Nation(al)

We’re really excited to be working with the team behind the original US Netroots phenomenon on our London event.

Netroots Nation this year held their fifth annual conference – which has grown over the years into a huge event bringing together more than 2,000 progressives from all over the States, with a hundred workshops and training sessions over four days.

Whilst we’re going to be doing something on a rather more modest scale, we’re hoping that a little of their tremendous experience and organising power will rub off on Netroots UK, and help our debates be informed by good campaigning practice on both sides of the pond.

Who said Atlantic Bridges were only for conservatives?

Welcoming some new supporters

A big welcome to three new organisations supporting the Netroots UK event:

Compass: Influential ideas and action based political pressure group, building a new progressive consensus based around core values of democracy, equality and sustainability.

False Economy: Broad based new campaign group, bringing together people concerned about public spending cuts.

Robin Hood Tax: Coalition campaign seeking to reduce poverty, tackle climate change and protect public services by taxing financial transactions.

If you’re involved in an organisation that you think has something useful to contribute to the event, get in touch!

Help with travel costs to London

UPDATE: We’ve now had to finalise the bursaries, as it’s getting too close to the event to book and post travel tickets over the Christmas period, so we won’t be able to consider any more.

But if you’re travelling, and the costs are proving a difficulty, we can still certainly look at waiving the £5 ticket price as some contribution. Get in touch using the contact page if you would like us to do this, and we can arrange something.


We’ve tried to keep costs of this event as low as we can, to let as many people as possible have a chance of attending. The £5 tickets include a (rather basic) lunch and refreshments during the day.

We realise that a bigger cost for many people though will be getting to London in the first place. Trains don’t come cheap unfortunately.

To help get around this, we aim to put some of the cash from the tickets into a (very) limited number of travel bursaries for people who couldn’t otherwise afford the trip to London. Continue reading