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The future of Netroots: Online at the heart of all of what we do

400 people gathered at Congress House on Saturday for #NetrootsUK and they all experienced the event in their own special way. For some it was too partisan, for some not partisan (or Labour) enough. For some the web tech was daunting, for some it wasn’t nerdy enough. Some felt there was too much focus on combatting the cuts, others felt that was the only game in town.

Instead of focusing on those differences, matters that (as Sunder correctly points out) we’re unlikely to be able to reconcile any time soon, we should ask ourselves what we do have in common, and what the future of Netroots in the UK can be about with that in mind. Continue reading

Netroots UK Live stream

Thanks to our colleague Richard, who’s managed to sort a live stream of the event this afternoon – sorry we weren’t able to get it for this morning. This is just the view in the main hall, for large workshops and plenaries. The core of Netroots has been 17 different workshops, and whilst we can’t stream them, thanks to some very dedicated video volunteers, we’ve been capturing video of as many as we can. We’ll be trying to get them online later (along with the morning main hall sessions) tomorrow and over the coming days.