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Photos and slides from Netroots Digital Skills Day in Birmingham

Thanks to everyone who came to our Digital Skills Day, run with Digital Action Lab at UNISON in Birmingham. We had a great time meeting an amazing group of campaigners, and it’s given us a lot to think about in terms of Netroots UK events.

If you want to read up on sessions you missed, or review some of those you saw, here are the speakers’ slides from the day:

Birmingham digital campaign skills workshop: Saturday 16 March

Birmingham skyline

A partnership of Netroots UK and Digital Action Lab

On Saturday 16th March, we’re hosting a digital skills workshop in Birmingham for campaigners, charities and community groups. The workshop will cover the basics of successful campaign strategies, as well as setting up a blog/website, creating compelling digital content and using social media to raise awareness about your work.

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APIs Against the Cuts: calling techies and activists

The government’s cuts won’t just affect the economy and people’s lives, they represent a mountain of information. What sectors are being cut and how? How does it affect your area? What are the figures involved?

More specifically, what can be done with this information? There is a tidal wave of information and data that everyone is struggling to process and make use of.

But we need more collaboration between technically minded people and those collecting this information. So Netroots UK is organising a mini-event called ‘APIs Against the Cuts’. Continue reading