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Tweeting for our NHS

One request we had at Netroots UK 2012 was for a Twitter list of the best people to follow to keep in the loop on NHS campaigning, so people have one quick place to check in for the latest. We’ve asked around and come up with this list of 33 medics, campaigners and journalists.

Over to you now – Who do you think we should add to the list? We’re looking for people who mostly tweet NHS news or actions and are interesting original sources, so need your thoughts please. Leave us a comment or tweet us @NetrootsUK – Can we make it up to an NHS Top 50?

Netroots UK 2012 archived video

If you’d like to relive parts of Netroots UK 2012, in London on 30 June, or if you missed it entirely, we’ve recorded parts of the day, which you can see here via the wonder of our YouTube playlist:

Or to watch particular videos, click below:

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Netroots UK 2012: blog reactions

Thanks to everyone who came to Netroots UK in London this weekend, and made it a really great day. Several people who came have followed up with reaction pieces on their blogs, which make for interesting reading. Check them out here:

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Netroots UK 2012 interviews with

DIY video specialists ran a popular smartphone videomaking course at the conference on Saturday, teaching activists the guerilla way to plan, shoot and distribute your own video news, all within 10 minutes. They were also practicing what they preach by shooting a series of short interviews with people around the event, which you can see in this playlist.