About us

What Netroots UK is:

Netroots UK is a long term project to support the growth of infrastructure, networks and movements for left and centre-left online activism. Netroots UK began in partnership with the US grassroots organisation Netroots Nation, and aims to bring some of their approach to building grassroots activism in the UK.

We want to create a space for UK progressives to build their capacity individually and collectively by:

  • developing their online campaign skills through exchanging best practice and engaging in practical training.
  • making new contacts and partnerships with online activists from other progressive traditions.
  • coming together to discuss strategy for online activism in the UK.

We’ll try to do this through holding conferences, seminars, and networking sessions, and using any other opportunities we can find to link people and ideas together.

What Netroots UK isn’t:

  • A movement – We’re here to help build everyone’s capacity, not to co-opt existing activity or groups.
  • A campaign group – We’re not going to start calling our own actions (unless they’re somehow around our own core goals)
  • A political party – We’ll work with progressives of any party, or none, and expect them to respect and help each other in the process.
  • A project incubator – We’re skint.

Who Netroots UK is:

Netroots UK is backed by a loose coalition of progressive online grassroots activists and campaign organisations.

We have a small Steering Group who help set the overall direction for what we do, but we hope to involve as many other activists and organisations as we can in running events and activities.

The Steering Group comprises:

  • Daniel Elton (Managing Director, Left Foot Forward)
  • Donna Govan (Campaigns Manager, UNISON)
  • Sunny Hundal (Editor, Liberal Conspiracy)
  • Hannah Lownsbrough (Communications Director, 38 Degrees)
  • Anna Nolan (Campaigner, Robin Hood Tax campaign)
  • Mary Rickles (Communications Director, Netroots Nation)
  • Katharine Segal (Digital Action Lab)
  • Clifford Singer (Director, False Economy)
  • John Wood (New Media Officer, TUC)
  • Becky Luff (Netroots UK Event Co-Ordinator)

We are proud to list a number of organisations that support or sponsor our work, to help us provide or promote more of what we do.