Netroots North West: First sessions we’re planning

Thanks to everyone who’s been suggesting topics and projects to feature in the sessions we’ll be running at Netroots North West. We’ve started to pull some of this together and have a sneak preview of four initial sessions that we’re planning.

Look out for more detail next week, on these and the rest of the day’s sessions, but we hope this is something to give a bit of a flavour of what you can expect on the 18th February in Manchester.

Getting your voice heard online
A practical training session with tips for using new media effectively towards campaign. From building up a widely read blog, to what makes your campaign emails more compelling, and how to increase the impact of your social media activity. We’ll have specialist experts on hand to share the secrets they’ve used, and hear from your own success stories.

Campaigning strategies
Training session with seasoned campaigners from different backgrounds. Learn how to plan your campaign from the outset to stand a better chance of achieving the change you want to see, and how understanding others’ values can help you win greater influence.

Holding power to account
A strategy session using case studies to look at the different tools and techniques that grassroots activists have to hold decision-makers to account. From online tools for scrutising politicans to techniques in organising effective direct action, how can the internet help us effectively hold others to account over their decisions?

Engaging local media
Strategy session to break down the process of engagement with local media for activists. Local media in the UK is in crisis. How can we better make use of the media we still have, and use the internet to build our own alternatives where they don’t exist?

If you’ve not registered yet, you can do so online here. And of course if you’ve got suggestions for what you’d like to see in the other sessions (or indeed comments on these ones), please keep them coming.

2 thoughts on “Netroots North West: First sessions we’re planning

  1. Gilles Pradeau

    Now more than ever, when massive cuts are being made, ordinary people should be involved in deciding how our money should be spent. When more people are involved in how public money is spent better decisions are made. That’s what participatory budgeting is all about. It has been tested in over 150 places in the last five years all over Britain. Our campaign helps activists to get participatory budgeting for their area.

    Would be glad to organize a session about this issue…

    Some videos from the People’s budget campaign and our last workshop in London
    What is PB ?
    Benefits for your local communities

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