We’ve sold out!

No, not like that… We mean we’ve allocated all the tickets. We’re hoping we can free up a few more, so watch this space and Twitter to see if any more go on sale soon.

Sorry if this means you didn’t manage to get in! We’re hoping to video as much as we can to upload after the event, and we’ll hopefully have a bunch of livebloggers in attendance too, for news of what’s happening.

2 thoughts on “We’ve sold out!

  1. Claes Muschkin

    Hello again!

    I wrote to you 30 mins ago that I will travel frpm Sweden to attend the event but that I have missed the info about that you needed to buy a ticket.
    I just wanted to add that I will be a part of the swedish lunch fringe
    held by Session proposers: Johan Ulvenlöv, Bloggers Outreach, Social Democrats, Sweden, together with other bloggers from Sweden.

    I hope we will find a solution for this.

    Yours Sincerely
    Claes Muschkin

  2. Matt Moran

    Would have been nice to know about this beforehand! Considering I follow LibCon, Compass, Labour LIst& to a lesser degree LFF, and am on Avaaz & 38 Degrees’ mailing lists, there appears to have been sod all publicity about it beforehand. Frankly I think if you’d advertised beforehand you could have got a much bigger venue & filled that.

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