Beyond blogging and Twitter: Your ideas

Are you coming to our workshop on devising a new generation of online campaign tools (Beyond Twitter & blogging: 10 tools you need to know and planning the next 10)?

Try and think of an app or site that would help hold the government or companies to account, or help people protest and campaign. We’ve got a wiki to help gather suggestions – and you can use it to add your own ideas ahead of the session.

Or just bring your ideas along to the workshop – there will be iphone/browser templates to scribble on and plenty of inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Beyond blogging and Twitter: Your ideas

  1. jacky barfoot

    we need foot soldiers.. during the poll tax campaign, and during the newbury woods and twyford down campaigns, all of which i helped with, we had people out there leafleting, doing supply runs, and running meetings in their front rooms etc..Not everyone has access on line, even now, the very poorest dont, people in hostels and on the streets etc.. but they still have a voice and want to be heard above the noise.
    in the old days of the jsa campaigns, we leafleted outside job centres and medicals, outside libraries etc, and people got the info and got involved, we ran anarchists cafes and meetings in village libraries and cafes.. we need this now outside the big main cities, out in the villages, and the small towns of the north…
    please please raise this important issue at the london gathering.

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