Who needs to know about Netroots UK?

Netroots UK on 8 January is fast approaching, and we want to have as wide a range of online progressives as possible attending on the day. So if you know of anyone who’d be good to have at the event, or anyone who might get a lot out of it, please let them know about it.

Be they bloggers, tweeters, social networkers, hardened geeks or relative n00bs, political people, environmental, community, union, policy, campaign, charity, whatever. Let’s get them all along, so we can spread the learning and make a more useful day for everyone!

You can help get the word out by:

  • Inviting your Facebook friends to come along to the event. Check out the event page and get busy with your messaging.
  • Tweeting all about it! Retweet mentions of the event on Twitter. Let your followers know you’re going. Check us out at @NetrootsUK for more.
  • Blogging about us. We’ll have more details of the event out soon. If something on our workshop list takes your fancy, write a quick blog post to let others know what you think.

However you tell them, online or off, just make sure you do. To get the most out of this event, we need the widest range or progressive perspectives and experiences, and getting the message out far and wide now will be vital to this.